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    Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar has rich 10 years of experience in technical journalism. He is reporter and technical news author. He is also interested in Photo journalism and reporting.
    Contact author at:
    Mobile: +91 9250143898
    Address: G-26/128, Sector-3, Rohini Delhi - 110085 India.
    Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar is technical author with more then 15 years of experience in technical journalism. He is B.Sc. from Delhi University with the years of experience in many technical projects. He is writing for website and technical magazine. He is interested in research in latest Big Data, Machine learning and Mobile artificial Intelligence technologies.
    Contact author at:
    Mobile: +91 9313063554
    Address: D-16/116, Sector-3, Rohini Delhi - 110085 India.
    Sangita Roy
    Sangita Roy is technical editor with years of experience in reporting, editing and managing media team. Her interest is technical reporting and writing columns for many media house.
    She can be contacted at:
    Email: sangita@techifynews.com
    Phone: +91 9971440022.
    Address: G30/67, Sector-3, Rohini Delhi - 110085 India.