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Google’s New AI Powered Grammar Checker Has Just Arrived

Google has just launched new AI-powered Grammar Checker for its G Suite. Here we explain how it adds value as a proofreading tool.

We all use Google docs which offers the simplicity of editing and sharing docs on the go across all devices. It gave freedom from earlier writing and note-taking tools with all the constraints of accessibility and collaborating. But Google docs could never prove efficient to help you dealing with your grammatical errors. You always needed to use a different tool or keyboard for proofreading. Fortunately, Google understood this terrible shortcoming and came with a new grammar checker to make life easier for millions of users of Grammar Checker. Finally, Google’s new AI-powered Grammar Checker has arrived.

Standard spellcheck function was always there but it was sufficient to track and rectify regular grammatical errors and to tweak with the sentence to make it sound better. With the new Grammar Checker, Google used machine learning technology to help the software understand complex grammar rules and accordingly suggest rectifications. As per the G Suite product manager Vishnu Sivaji, this will give more scope to detect errors and suggest corrections on a continuous basis.

How Does It Work?

The new Grammar Checker is not about knowing whether a word exists or not or correcting the spelling. It is capable to handle the more complex grammatical rules to make your sentences better and well-sounding. This makes the new Google Grammar Checker a far better tool than the available third-party tools we often use.

While writing on Google Docs if you have committed a grammatical mistake, the tool automatically will detect and you will be able to see a blue line will appear just beneath the phrase as you continue writing on. Moreover, the new AI-powered tool will continue to deliver the most appropriate auto suggestions by learning the language rules. The tool will give a great boost to improve writing instead of just doing the commonplace spellcheck.

Behind the curtain, the tool uses machine translation technology to detect errors and offer suggestions as the user continue writing on. This has been possible as Google worked with the linguists and experts for years to help the algorithm understand language rules. Machine translation model by understanding these language rules basically make quick automatic suggestions to make sentences in your Docs better.

The machine translation technology is able to handle a variety of different correction tasks ranging from using appropriate articles for words to use the correct preposition to complex aspects such as using subordinate clauses.

Better sentences are what all we expect

When a correction tool can differentiate between the usage of “adapt” and “adopt” or “affect” and “effect”, you can be assured of completing a write-up with perfect sentences. The tool besides detecting all deep-lying errors and inappropriate usage continuously learn to make sentences better with better order of words and syntactic structure. The AI and machine learning technologies together help it improving capability as you continue writing in Google Docs.

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