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China to overtake the US in artificial intelligence: researchers

According to the research conducted by Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, China has already surpassed the US in Artificial Intelligence technologies. Research shows that China has published more research papers in artificial intelligence technologies as compared to US.

Those days are gone when Chinese technology and manufacturing capacity were operating largely equated with cheap and affordable lookalike products. Apart from representing a gigantic production force for the world’s leading brands and technology companies, China has also become one of the most prominent and frontrunners in tech innovation in recent years. China is not only giving hard competition to China with the bulging economic growth but also with new technologies and hi-tech innovations.

As news surfaced recently, China is all set to take over the United States in the innovation and utilisation of artificial intelligence. There have been an array of new research projects on AI, as per the latest analysis and report published last Wednesday. Some research papers even claimed that China in the field of artificial intelligence has surpassed the US with recent projects. Many of these projects though are considered as either low or medium quality. 

The report from the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence expressed that in AI research China has already taken over US research outputs in recent times. In spite of the qualitative questions raised by many analysts, at least in the vast majority of papers, China topped the US. When accessed the exact findings of the report, we found that China will take over the US in the top 50 per cent of papers in 2019 While will be able to so for most cited 10 per cent of research papers by next year. The research papers on AI from Chinese researchers will top that of the US by 2025 for the top 1 per cent most cited papers.

These findings pose some serious concerns in front of the IT strategists and thinkers in Silicon Valley and Washington. Apart from the primary concern of China getting ahead of US in key technology output, China is also posing threats to the US economic prospects in the field of IT innovations thanks to this recent upsurge of researches in the field of artificial intelligence. China with its new research output is poised to take over the US in the key AI-based technology fields like wireless networks, virtual reality and autonomous vehicles.

According to the principal researchers at Allen Institute, namely Field Cady and Oren Etzioni, today what we observe as a massive upsurge in the AI investment and research in China, that actually started close to ten years ago and only culminated in the recent 2017 announcement by Beijing about its plan to become world leader in the field of artificial intelligence.

This is why the US needs to take these concerns more seriously. When in the recent phase there have been increased policy constraints to accommodate foreign academics and researchers in the US institutions, the decrease in the research output for crucial fields like AI should be seen in the context of the disastrous effects of such policy decisions. Moreover, US institutions and government research bodies together should come with a national AI strategy to encourage more research projects focused on AI technology.

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