Sony brings PlayStation 4 games to iPhone and iPad

Sony announces the availability of its “PS4 Remote Play” app for iOS devices which brings PlayStation 4 games to iPhone and iPad. Sony’s ‘PS4 Remote Play’ app for iPhone and iPad can also support external controllers. So, with external controllers you can also play the game.

PS4 game lovers will be able to play PlayStation games on their iPhone and iPad devices. This is possible through Sony’s latest ‘PS4 Remote Play’ app for iOS devices. Any iOS devices (iPhone or iPad) can be used for playing PlayStation 4 games remotely.

This application talks to PlayStation and you can play game by connecting to your PlayStation remotely over WiFi.

Player can play the game by pressing virtual buttons on the screen or through external controller (if you have configured with your iOS device). This way you can play your PlayStation games remotely from your iPhone or iPad. You can also connect it through internet to play the game on your PlayStation from your iPhone.

Bluetooth based third-party controllers are already available in market which can be used with iPhone or iPad to play PlayStation games on these devices. As per the announcement made by Sony, the DualShock controllers that come with PlayStation can’t be used with iOS devices. So, game lovers must buy new third-party compatible controllers for their iPhone/iPad.

This new app from Sony requires having PlayStation to play game at home from your iPhone/iPad. The new iPhone/iPad app connects to PlayStation to borrow the computing power. So, you still need PlayStation to play PlayStation 4 games on your device.

The new application from Sony allows the users to join chats and also communicate using microphone of the device. This is added advantage of playing game on iPhone/iPad.

The “PS4 Remote Play” from Sony is distributed on the Apple Store and users can download free of cost. This is the first time when official application for iOS device is available for playing PlayStation games on these devices.

The “PS4 Remote Play” application requires iOS 12.1 or newer to run. It is also requiring PlayStation 4 to be fully updated to use it for remotely playing games.

It is noted that all the games available on the PlayStation can’t be played on iPhone/iPad. Only selective games are available for remote play.

The recommended devices for playing these games are iPhone 7 or later, , 6th-generation iPad or later, or a 2nd-generation iPad Pro or later devices can also be used for playing games well.

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