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Microsoft Just Launched Business School for AI Education to Help Business Heads and Strategists in Decision Making

While artificial intelligence (AI) technology continued to penetrate into every sphere of digital applications and web, major tech honchos like Microsoft are coming with new projects that can help to produce new talents for this vibrant technology space. To take ahead the impact of AI in future innovations and development, Microsoft recently launched business school for active AI education in specific business fields. Reportedly, such business education with AI based modules will help companies making more precise decisions concerning their business.

Recently we came across several short introductory videos showcasing how AI technologies are shaping the industry-wide changes and impacting strategy and decision making across businesses. Following this, the expected announcement from Microsoft arrived. The company this week announced that it is founding a business school where artificial intelligence will be taught to the future entrepreneurs and business strategists and managers. According to the company, this will help the top brass and management professionals across companies in precise decision making.

Microsoft actually partnered with INSEAD, a business school having campuses across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The institution partnered with Microsoft with the objective of getting full technical collaboration and help from Microsoft for building the strategy module of the AI curriculum to be rolled out for the students. According to the institution, the module of AI education will incorporate various case studies across different industries to help future strategists transform their respective businesses with AI technology.

At a time when AI technology is continuing to make its impact felt across industries and applications, this move for incorporating AI into business education can have a far-reaching impact to change decision making and business strategies positively over a long period of time.

Mitra Azizirad, Corporate Vice President for AI marketing at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington pointed towards the gap between strategic vision the reality that the business thinkers find hard to cope up with. He pointed out that the gap between what businesses want to achieve and the state of things in business organisations is going to play a decisive role for the effort required to become ready for the change for achieving the goal. She added emphatically, “This school is a deep dive into how you develop a strategy and identify blockers before they happen in the implementation of AI in your organisation.”

Lastly, all stakeholders in the business and technology community should take the move with loud applause as it can really help them to get ready for the future transformation of the businesses. According to the market research firm CCS Insight, at least half of their clients have already put their weight behind AI research or AI trial or AI and Machine Learning (ML) powered implementation across various projects. In spite of this increased interest in AI, only a handful of companies as of now could implement AI in their regular business processes, as expressed by the company.

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