Apple releases iOS 13.2.2 update that fixes many annoying problem of iOS 13

Apple has rolled out iOS 13.2.2 update that fixes many annoying bug of previous iOS 13.x builds. Previous releases of iOS 13.x created a lot of problem for the iOS users, now this fix will remove many annoying problems with the iOS 13.

According to the change log of this build, the latest software update fixes RAM management issues that plagued iOS 13 users. This build fixes this annoying problem that crippled iOS 13.

Users of Apple iPhone took Facebook route to complain bugs that affected their iPhone after updating it to iOS 13.2. Many of them posted that their smatphones would constantly close apps that were paused in background. According to them this iOS 13.2 severely limited the ability of iOS to quickly multitask and switch between the apps. Due to this bug many applications were dying in background limiting the multitasking feature of iOS.

According to the users the major bug introduced in iOS 13.2 is that the hanging of background downloads forever. Applications running in background are aggressively killed that stops iOS in offering multitasking.

Apart from the iPhone RAM management and background application killing bugs, the iOS 13.2.2 build bring many more fixes and enhancements.

Here are full changelog in iOS 13.2.2:

  • iOS build 13.2.2 fixes bug that was killing application running in background.
  • Fixes an issue that was causing temporary loss of mobile signal after a call4
  • It fixes the issue where mobile data may available temporarily
  • Fixes email encryption related S/MIME issue
  • Fixes Kerberos single sign-on issue with Safafari, earlier it was sometimes presenting authentication prompt.
  • Fixed charging related interruption cause by YubiKey Lightening-powered accessories

The latest version of iOS 13.2.2 is available for download for all users by going to the Settings à General à Software Update section.

New iOS 13.2.2 update will fix many of iPhone bugs. Users should upgrade to this version of iOS on their Apple devices.

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